Consolidation of Negratín in the Peruvian market

Consolidation of Negratín in the Peruvian market


  • The acquisition of PLM by Negratín has been an unparalleled starting point for the company in the Peruvian installations market.
  • Reinvestment in the Peruvian company has allowed an increasingly fast market positioning for PLM.


Granada, 4th of June 2014

Negratin entered the Peruvian market in March 2012 with the accomplishment of the installation works for the photovoltaic solar stations of Repartición and Majes, with 22 MW power each. The purchase of PLM was transacted a year ago, with 51% of the Peruvian company being owned by Negratín.

The company business, which now belongs to Negratin, was that of industrial control and automation engineering systems.

Following acquisition of PLM by Negratín, the company has been restructured and its services diversified with the aim to cater for strategic markets in LATAM.

Amongst the new activities, PLM is already working in the fields of mining, oil, renewable energies and electrical and industrial supply.

With regards to the industrial sector, Negratín is working in strategic subsectors such as hospitals, services and food and agriculture.

Attaining our objectives is already a fact, as PLM’s turnover has increased in the first year of being managed by Negratín, to the extent of having it multiplied by 5, mainly thanks to the management of its outstanding Director in Peru, i.e. Gabriel Correa, as well as the involvement of the partners of the Peruvian company.

The situation being currently experienced by PLM allows us to attempt a greater growth in Peru, as we believe we have a good foundation for growth which can help us enter parallel markets in other Latin American countries.

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Ángel Noguera Martinez
President at Negratin
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