• CABLE. Turnkey structured cabling and optical fibre solutions.
  • NETWORK CONSTRUCTION. Engineering, construction, civil engineering, cable laying and quality metering
  • NETWORK MAINTENANCE. Preventive and corrective maintenance of cables and active and passive equipment.
  • COUPLES AND QUADS and SPECIAL HFC AND FTTH NETWORKS. Equipment design, construction, installation and maintenance.
  • RADIO LINKS. Terrestrial analogue radio and television broadcasting services infrastructure, terrestrial digital PDH radio links.
  • WIRELESS NETWORKS. Rollout and maintenance of LMDS, WI-FI or WIMAX technology wireless networks.
  • GSM/GSM-R/ DCS/ UMTS, HSDPA AND HSUPA BASE STATIONS. Rollout and maintenance of network radio base stations using radio over optical fibre or RF equipment.
  • EXPERIMENTAL EQUIPMENT. Implementation of new radio signal conduction systems using experimental equipment.