Negratín facilities, XVII Entrepreneur Award.

Negratín facilities, XVII Entrepreneur Award.

  • A prize to the success of a person born in Pozo Alcon and wealth-generating company in the area.
  • Angel and Celedonio Noguera collect the XVII Entrepreneurs Award on July 27, 2016


Granada to July 28 of 2.016

The Entrepreneurs Award , an award that was established in 2000 on the initiative of the radio station , Cadena Dial Andalucía and, with the City of Pozo Alcon, recognizes and values ​​the beginning and / or history of any activity that contributed industrial , cultural or social strengthening of the municipality of Pozo Alcon, grants 2.016 NEGRATIN the Entrepreneurs award.

This award is presented by vote and the reasons for the choice of this company have been among others, be a person born in the township enterprise, be an example of success based on the work and dedication , not to forget their roots, have on staff more than 30 people in the region and maintain a relationship of collaboration and sponsorship in sports, educational and cultural events of the town.

For more information:
Celedonio Noguera Martinez
CEO en Negratin
Tlf: +34 958 490156