Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions

Negratín, staying ahead of the needs of its clients, carries out the integration of containers, adapting to the characteristics of sea or highway transport, optimizing space and safety.

We integrate transformer substations, gensets, osmosis installations, changing rooms, restrooms, dining rooms, HVAC installations and all types of electrical installations, with the only limitation being the maximum weight supported by the selected container.

The possible container adaptations are limitless, and in each case, the most important aspect during the design is the function or use for which it is intended.

Starting with standard containers, we make the necessary modifications for each one of the projects, including all of the necessary safety elements and guaranteeing suitability for the selected method of transport.


We plan out the container divisions, perfectly defining and dimensioning the necessary compartments.


We apply the proper exterior finish.

We apply the primer, with different alternatives to choose from.

Option to increase insulating capacity.

Installation of all types of accesses (doors, windows, etc.).

Installation of specific systems for temperature control, if necessary.


We shall prepare the interior finish.

Definition of the vertical surface areas using different sandwich panel options.

Definition of the horizontal surface areas using different flooring options.

Full electrical installation (lights, power supply sockets, emergency lighting, etc…)