Integration of metal containers in Transformation Centres

Integration of metal containers in Transformation Centres


  • We continuously develop solutions and adapt them to the market with the purpose of better serving our clients.
  • Negratin is increasing the amount of space dedicated to this line of business due to the high rate of success we are experiencing.

Based on a philosophy whereby the priority is adapting to the market, Negratín is improving the solutions being demanded by its clients for the commissioned projects on a daily basis.

A new project has been commissioned for 11 Transformation Centres in the UK. The services have been commissioned for the purpose of a photovoltaic power station.

Negratín is currently dedicated to marketing this service and assessing various projects for clients both in the field of renewable energies and industrial solutions.

This ongoing activity is allowing Negratín to improve performance rates and the ability to expand this solution, with the hope that the marketing campaign for these solutions launched at the end of this year may yield its results in 2014.

We are currently receiving requests for the assessment of these solutions from the UK, LATAM and the Arabic countries, which confirms our belief that our adopted solutions are the answer to the market needs.

We are daily working on new solutions in order to adapt to the increasingly aggressive market, which needs the specialisation and flexibility we are able to provide as our guaranteed added value.


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