Business Model

Business Model

This operating model allows us to operate flexibly, adapting to market and customer requirements.

Our model is based on three phases, and our main activities are done in-house or are partially-outsourced

Phase 1: R&D / Design:

The key activities aimed at developing innovative, customized and cost-effective solutions.

Phase 2: Procurement + Production / Construction:

In this phase, the operative activities are under our management, with the support of top level partners capable of providing solutions throughout the territory of operations.

Phase 3: Operation / Maintenance:

In addition to providing after-sales service in connection with our services guarantee, we ensure the operation and maintenance of your assets. At Negratin we have extensive experience in O&M in the energy, industry and installations sectors.

We provide customized strategies, based on the needs of our customers, the criticality of their installations and our internal experience.