stockholdings in other companies


Negratín is also a shareholder in several companies with which it has some business lines and areas in common, thereby enabling it to expand the capillarity not only of its geographical presence, but also of its different corporate activities.


PLM Energía y Automatización

PLM Energía y Automatización, of which Negratín is the majority shareholder, is a Peruvian company which specialises in providing electrical and industrial automation solutions whose services include Engineering, Electromechanical Assembly, plant Commissioning and Maintenance.
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Grupo Aconser

Negratín is a shareholder in the Aconser group of companies and is a board member of the companies that make it up, namely Añil, Vivendio, Enerwind, Solyder and Movic. This corporate group has successfully exploited four principal business lines, which are: applied engineering, integral water cycle management, energy efficiency and saving, and the construction, purchase and sale of real estate.
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Negratín Chile

Negratin offers all of its business lines in this Latin American country via its subsidiary in Chile, Negratín Chile.