Project Development

Project Development

At Negratín, we cover your needs in terms of ground or roof-mounted photovoltaic projects, focusing on more than just the use of our technology to optimise your investment. Our goal is to always maintain a friendly and active working relationship with local authorities, landowners and residents, incorporating the landscape and conservation of the natural environment into our planning and execution process.

Are you thinking of building a photovoltaic power plant?

We will find potential sites, negotiate with existing sites or with owners when building on individual plots.

We carry out all of the necessary preliminary studies: topography, geological studies and soil testing (using test boreholes, accesses to the land, locations of possible connection points) to ensure that the land is suitable for the construction of a solar power plant.

Our team of project designers is responsible for obtaining all of the licences from the pertinent authorities, municipalities and districts, as well as all of the necessary environmental impact studies and audits. In addition to managing all of the procedures with regional network operators and electricity providers.

As project developers, our duty includes the programming of activities and planning of investment, financing and costs of your photovoltaic energy project, as well as the negotiation of suitable credit conditions with banking institutions. Also, if necessary, we participate in the search for private or public investors.

Negratín is also responsible for acquiring the rights for the project.

Negratín, with its extensive experience in planning, development and execution of photovoltaic projects, can help you to manage the individual aspects of the development of your project.

Find out more about our experience in the projects/energy section, which provides information on our most important reference projects.

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