In its active and dynamic role in relation to social welfare and sustainable development, respect for the environment is one of the company’s main premises when carrying out any project in any of its business lines.

For this reason, Negratín has a constant commitment to clean and non-polluting energies, declaring this as one of its main values, which can be verified in the following fragment of its letter of introduction: “Great achievements, always based on sustainable growth, carrying out our activity and being respectful to the environment, to ensure that future generations will continue to write our history”.

In addition to all this, it has the ISO 14001:2015 certificate, which indicates that its management system systematizes the environmental aspects generated in each of the activities carried out in the organization and promotes environmental protection and pollution prevention in combination with socioeconomic aspects, standing out from the competition and strengthening its positive image to customers and consumers.

Among other environmental advantages, with this management system, it optimizes resources and waste, reduces negative environmental impacts arising from its activity or risks associated with accidental situations, reduces waste management costs, eliminates export barriers, reduces the risk of litigation and penalties, achieves greater access to subsidies and other preferential financing lines and reduces labour risks by motivating staff.

IDAE Programme accredited company