Certifications & Management policy

Management policy

During the performance of its corporate activity Negratín is governed by a set of management policies which not only reinforce its commitment to quality, the environment and occupational health and safety, but also establish a series of mainstays which, on the one hand, must dictate how the organisation functions and, on the other, determine how the company acts and behaves with respect to its commitments both to its customers and their expectations.

In order to ensure that these policies are both put into practice and effectively monitored, Senior Management gives the workforce all the resources it might possibly need, implements a continuous monitoring and follow-up process to ensure that all the established guidelines, objectives and targets are complied with and met and carries out a yearly audit of the Management System in order to detect any weak points and establish the corresponding corrective actions.

Negratín’s Equality and CSR Policy

Quality and environmental policy

Alcohol and drug policy Grupo Negratin


When performing its activity Negratín adheres to the very highest standards of quality, respects the environment and ensures the health and safety of its employees at all times, a fact which is accredited.