Activities and Services: Present and Future of Negratín

5 Business Lines that Define Us

Three areas of action


Since 2009, RENEWABLE ENERGIES have been the engine of growth and expansion of the company at an international level, with more than 3,400 MW installed worldwide, and growing at a rate of several hundred Megas annually, and on the rise.

Since 2009, renewable energies have been the engine of growth and expansion of the company at an international level, with more than 3,400 MW installed worldwide, and growing at a rate of several hundred Megas annually and upwards. The EPC activity took off in 2016 in the Oil&Gas sector, rapidly evolving towards large generation plants using renewables, pivoting in recent years towards large-format solar fields (≥ 50 MW), to make up today 70% of the group's turnover, with occasional hybridizations, to which storage solutions and the study of projects with new energy vectors (H2) are added.

Energy: EPC
Hybridization of Renewable Generation Technologies. Storage.
Industrial Self-Consumption
Promotion (Development) of Photovoltaic Plants
Integrated Solutions. Negratín PowerSkid Power Stations.

International Presence

After years of effort and hard work, today we can proudly say that, while we are based in Granada, Negratín has permanent offices and delegations not only in Spain (in Málaga and Madrid), but also around the world, with subsidiaries in Japan, Chile, Colombia, Honduras and Panama.


The performances of Assembly, Installation and Commissioning in INDUSTRY, eclipsed by the unstoppable expansion of EPCista activity in renewables, become the solid base on which to develop the new lines of work in hybridizations and combined thermal and electric production, and to respond to the demands of complexity and expertise that new gas installations require for the generation and use of the hydrogen vector and the hybridized biogas with generation through renewables.


The countless jobs in facilities for efficient building have been integrating with on-site generation solutions using renewables.

From its Open Innovation Department, Negratín has already begun to take steps towards the application of Artificial Intelligence, IoT and new efficient technologies that support the future of this key activity in the company's core business, thanks to advanced control and management systems (inmótica) for the future.

Business lines

Construction and Assembly

EERR: Electrical, mechanical and civil works in EERR (Structure, Tracker and Modules). MV/LV installations. INDUSTRY: Assembly, installation and commissioning of Industrial Plants. INSTALLATIONS: Assembly of electrical systems, sanitation, air conditioning, energy efficiency, communications and fire protection.

Operation and Maintenance

Operation and Maintenance Services for Power and Industrial Plants.

Turnkey Projects

Project Execution EPC (Engineering + Procurement + Construction) of Power and Industry Plants.

Integrated Solutions

Solution with Plug & Play philosophy based on integration of electrical/electronic equipment in containers and skids.

Pioneers in the implementation of PowerSkid

Negratín has been a pioneer for years in innovative products that many others have replicated afterwards. This is the case of the integration of custom-made power and electronic solutions in containers.

This pioneering product, the PowerSkid, showed years ago the way to go for international manufacturers of all sizes. Nowadays, this type of "containerized" solutions have spread throughout the industry, proving essential to drastically reduce the time and complexity of transport, installation, connection and commissioning of Photovoltaic Parks, especially in remote locations around the world.