Activities and services: the present and the future of Negratín

5 business lines that define us

3 fields of action


Since 2008 RENEWABLE ENERGIES have been the international driver for growth and expansion of the company with nearly 3,500MW installed worldwide and growing at a pace of several hundreds of MWs per year.

The EPC activity takes off after 2006 in the Oil&Gas sector, it quickly evolves towards the great renewable plants pivoting in the last years towards large solar plants (≥ 50 MW), to represent at present 70% of the business turnover of the Group with occasional hybridizations incorporating storage solutions and the study of projects with new energy vectors (H2).

Energy: EPC
Hybridization of renewable energies technologies. Storage.
Industrial self-consumption.
Promotion (development) of PV plants.
Integrated solutions. Power stations Negratín PowerSkid.

International Presence

After years of effort and hard work today we are proud to say that although we are based in Granada, Negratín has offices and delegations both in Spain (Málaga and Madrid) and worldwide with subsidiaries in Japan, Chile, Colombia, Honduras and Panamá.


Assembly, Installation and Commissioning actions of Industrial Plants although overshadowed by the unstoppable expansion of the EPC activity* in renewable energies, have turned into a firm foundation to develop new work lines in hybridization and combined thermal and electric production and to respond to the complexity and experience demands necessary in new installations for the generation and use of the hydrogen and biogas vectors generated from renewable energies.


The endless works on installations for the efficient construction have been integrated with onsite generation solutions from renewable sources.

Negratín has started already to walk towards the application of Artificial Intelligence solutions, IoT and new efficient technologies to support the future of this key activity in the core business of the company through the advanced control and management systems (building automation) from the Department of Open Innovation.

Business lines

Construction and assembly

Renewable energies: Electric, mechanical and civil works in Renewable energies (Structure, Tracker and panels). AV/LV assembly. INDUSTRY: Assemblies, installations and commissioning of Industrial plants. INSTALLATIONS: Assembly of electric, sanitation, air-conditioning, energy efficiency, communications and fire protection systems.

Operation and Maintenance

Operation and Maintenance Services of energy and industry plants.

Turn-key projects

Execution of EPC Projects (Engineering + Procurement+ Construction) of energy and industry plants.

Integrated solutions

Solution with a Plug&Play philosophy based on the integration of electric/electronic devices in containers and skids.

Promotion of Projects

Greenfield developments of wind and PV generation projects.

Pioneers in PowerSkid implementation

Negratín has been for years pioneer in innovative products replicated by many others. This is the case of the integration in containers of tailor-made solutions of power electricity and electronics.

This pioneer product, the PowerSkid, showed many years ago the path to follow by international manufacturers of all sizes. Today this type of solutions “in containers” has extended throughout the industry as they have revealed essential to dramatically reduce the times and complexity of transport, the installation, connection and commissioning of PV plants, especially in remote locations worldwide. NEGRATIN once more takes the lead with direct 45/52kV high voltage PowerSkids for PV plants saving the construction of an average to high tension substation designed for PV plants with connection to 45/52KV.