It is an industrial and services group with international presence.

NEGRATIN operates in the Energy, Industry and Installations sectors and has consolidated 5 major business lines: Installations, Operation and Maintenance, Turnkey Projects, Integrated Solutions and Project Development.

Get Job Done

Sticking to the Get Job Done philosophy, we have been involved in all stages of projects, from technical and engineering development to maintenance, as well as carrying out assignments, wherever they may be and however challenging the conditions or distant the destination.

International Presence

After years of effort and hard work, we can proudly say that, while we are based in Granada, Negratín has permanent offices and delegations not only in Spain (in Málaga and Madrid), but also in half the world, with branches in Japan, Chile, Colombia, Honduras and Panama.



Reinvent ourselves

To offer cutting-edge services and solutions to the challenges of the energy transition... Creativity, agility and innovation oriented to the customer.


Expanding business models to expand our presence, meeting the needs and challenges of society and customers, relying on innovation to maintain the efficiency and competitiveness of our services.


Creating value, through our activity, to society, customers, partners and employees. With a spirit of learning from the best, exploring new goals and sharing experiences with partners and customers.


Why are we here? What for?

Society’s needs are increasingly demanding, global, agile and innovative solutions are required, with a clear commitment to sustainability.


What do we do? For whom?

Provide high-value-added services to our customers, covering the entire value chain, in the Energy, Industry and Installations sectors.

Seek excellence from our human team, incorporating knowledge, developing their skills, and relying on the most advanced technological tools.

Show our concern for the impact of our activity on society and the environment.


A future based on the continuous and dynamic transformation of business models, where the criteria for seeking social and environmental benefits, and commitment to good business practices, are valued together with the economic result.


Responsible and Committed

Everyone in our organization is a leader, who undertakes, learns and is involved with their attitude and capabilities in the development of the Company.

Innovators and We Assume Challenges

What you have to say matters to us because it CONTRIBUTES. Innovate, propose new things, take the initiative, it is the way to leave your mark, enriching our project.

Agile, We Are Involved in Decisions and Actions

We try to adapt. We study each situation with agility to give the best response.

Simple and Honest

Less is more. Organizationally we seek simplicity, simplicity. Assume the simplest approach that allows you the most effective and forceful response or solution. Personally we are honest and humble, and we like to surround ourselves with good professionals who are better people.

Team Players

We participate, collaborate, manage and create together. We know that together we can go further.


ISO 9001 - Quality Management System

Quality Management System

ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System

Environmental Management System

ISO 45001:2018 - Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

Health and Safety Management System

ISO 14064 = International Standard for Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Verification.

Carbon Footprint Verification

A family business with great projection.

Our Board of Directors

Angel Noguera

Presidente Consejo

Ingeniero Técnico Industrial, rama eléctrica, especialidad electrónica industrial. MBA Executive en Gestión y Dirección de Empresas. Experto en instalaciones y eficiencia energética. Consejero en varias compañías del sector de la construcción. Cofundador, Director General y Presidente de Negratín (1998-2023). Presidente de la Asociación de Instaladores de Jaén (APEI) y Presidente de la Federación de Asociaciones de Instaladores de Andalucía (FADIA)

Celedonio Noguera

Vicepresidente Consejo

MBA Executive en Gestión y Dirección de Empresas. Cofundador y Vicepresidente Ejecutivo en Negratin durante los últimos 25 años. Con más de 25 años de experiencia en el sector renovable sector energético, ha jugado un papel crucial en el desarrollo, ingeniería, construcción y operación de más de 50 proyectos energéticos globales, que ascienden a más de 3,5 gigavatios de capacidad.

Enrique Diaz Hinojosa

Consejero Delegado

Ejecutivo nivel C con experiencia internacional en el Sector Energético. Ingeniero industrial con más de 25 años de experiencia en el sector energético en empresas multinacionales como Isolux, Corsan y TELVENT... etc., estando al Cargo de roles que abracan desde la ejecución de Proyectos de energía convencional a posiciones senior que cubren dirección corporativa para múltiples áreas y Geografías

Alexandre Díez


Licenciado en Derecho, D.E.S. en Derecho Bancario y de Mercados Financieros, graduado de Harvard Business School (OPM49), experto en Derecho de la Energía, socio de López-Ibor Mayor Abogados, Consejero de varias compañías, Co-Fundador, Consejero y General Counsel de Lightsource Renewables Energy Ltd (2010-2017).

Francisco Martín

Asesor de consejo

Presidente Ejecutivo de la compañía URBAR INGENIEROS. Francisco es Ingeniero Superior de Minas y master en Tecnología Energética y posee una extensa experiencia en alta dirección de empresas de ingeniería y de proyectos EPC, como DURO FELGUERA, ISOLUX y TSK. En todas ellas desempeñó el cargo de Director General, siendo artífice de importantes aumentos de cartera de proyectos.

Julio Mendoza

Secretario Consejo

Licenciado en Derecho por la Universidad de Granada, y profesor, durante largos años, de la misma, en la Facultad de Derecho, Departamento de Derecho Mercantil. Asesor empresarial, con especial dedicación en las áreas mercantil y laboral, ejerciendo como miembro o secretario no consejero de distintos consejos de administración. Miembro del despacho MENDOZAABOGADOS

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